Clean Your Bathroom Like a Professional

It is hard sometimes to enjoy cleaning, especially when it comes to your bathroom. By keeping up with the regular routine your job can become much easier. Here are some easy tips that worked for me and my friend’s families.
First, always start from the top to the bottom, Dust and wipe down light fixtures with a cloth or Swifter Duster. Clean the windows and mirrors by wiping them with the soap water first and then wipe them with a dry cloth or paper towels. 
To clean bathroom windows use scrubbing pads, once all soap scum buildup is removed, wash the windows with the soap water, wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towels. Spray the windows with an aerosol spray to make it shine and polish.
Second, remove all the items from the desk, bath tub or from the shower cabin (if applicable), wipe the surfaces with the wash cloth, polish it with a dry cloth, it will keep your surface shine and will give a fresh look.
Then move to the bathtub or shower cabin, to remove soap scum buildup scrub the surface inside use a soaped microfiber cloth or a kitchen brush . You can add a drop of dish detergent or a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for extra cleaning.
Now, wipe down the sink with a dish sponge and wipe down the interior of the sink and the faucet. Try to get as much debris and grime as you can, make sure to wipe around the drain, switch for a fresh cloth in needed. Don’t forget to rinse the sink before using any bathroom cleaning products. Spray the sink with a cleaning supply. Make sure to get all parts of the sink, including the faucet and behind the faucet. Once the sink and faucet are clean wipe down the entire surface with a dry cloth.
Once done, move to cleaning your toilet, start with a bowl, use a toilet cleaner or vinegar, let it soak (2-5 min) scrub the bowl with a toilet brush, make sure to get all dirt go deep down if needed. Spray the exterior of the toilet with disinfectant or soap water. Wipe it down or scrub the surface of the toiler. Use a scrub sponge to clean the exterior of the toilet. Last, make sure that the base and floor around the toilet is cleaned as well.
Once done with the toilet vacuum and wash the floor with the floor cleaner. I suggest to mop the floor with a cloth, make sure you get all the spots around the corners.
My congratulations, your bathroom must look gorgeously clean now.
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