How a well organized bathroom can boost your well being ​

We all know that having a bathroom well organized can really help us to speed things up when it comes to getting ready in the morning, leaving to  a party in the evening or simply it makes cleaning so much easier. And nevertheless the start of the day can be so much relaxing for you.
Lets start with organizing your bathroom supplies. Take all the supplies that you use and and put them in a special organizer basket under the sink. Now, do the de-cluttering and organizing in your bathroom. Go through everything you keep in your bathroom especially through makeup, hair care products, skin care products, prescription and medications, grooming tools nail files, razors, towels and mats, first-aid supplies.
Sort all things and keep them in your bathroom storage by using the inside of your cabinet doors. Keep your hair styling products over the door organizer. Keep your face towels or cleaning cloth on the hooks, the rest of the towels can go to the storage. Try to keep all your not every day used products in the bathroom storage, the more important thing can go to the drawer dividers. Drawer divider is design to make it easier and quicker for you to find things that you’re looking for, so start using them properly. Keep similar items together in one drawer. Also, you can have a separate drawer to each family member, that will help each member to be more responsible.
Your sink counter top must be empty as much as possible. It reduces the change of cluttering and makes it easier for you to wipe and clean the counter top. The appearance of an emptiness will look so much better. Of course you can keep some really important items, such as soap, cream and and maybe some decorations. But keep as less items as possible.
And at least remember that your bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated, your goal is to create a more functional space that is easier to use and simple to keep organize.
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