Quick tips on how to clean and organize your fridge

A clean and organized refrigerator makes your meal planning and peppering much easier. Here are some tips on how to do this.
First, empty the fridge. It wouldn’t help if you move food from one place to another, you actually have to empty the fridge. Take everything out of the fridge and check the expiration dates and if there is something that you not going to use anymore. Put aside food that will have to go back to the fridge and wipe the bottom of any bottles or cans.
Next, remove all drawers and shelves if possible. Wash them under the sink and don’t forget to use a lot of dishwasher soap, believe me you’ll need it, it will help you remove all the grease and crumbs. Take the damp cloth and with the soap warm water wipe inside the empty fridge. If you can’t get some spots in the seals or crevices use a toothpick for that. After done washing inside use a dry cloth and make sure that the fridge is clean and dry before putting food back.
Return all shelves back to the refrigerator and, place all newly cleaned items back in the specific areas.  Try to keep flex food at the top shelf, on the level below keep your leftovers and eggs, level below that keep your meal preparation kind of food. On the shelves on the door try to keep only beverages, souses and jars. And of course at the bottom keep separately your fruits and vegetables.
When all work inside is done take a dump microfiber cloth and wipe down all exterior and edges, handles, top and bottom of the fridge. Spray the stainless spray on the microfiber cloth and polish the fridge. Lastly, step back and enjoy your clean and shine fridge.
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