Ideas on how to organize your desk

Nowadays more and more people consider working from their desks in the office or home. Working could get very challenging especially if your desk is cluttered. Knowing that a well organized desk can help impact the tone and the productivity level we should all try to keep it well organized. Here are some ways to improve your working area.
First start from the scratch. Remove all the items from the drawers and from the top of your desk. Then, wipe the desk with a wet cloth. You can go through all of your items later, but don’t be hesitant to throw away old and unnecessary stuff.
Next we would recommend to use as less paper for notes as possible, go digital! It’s 21 century, it’s time to learn how to use sticky notes on your computer. If you need to take notes during a meeting, use your computer, it’s a perfect place to write notes or comments and store them for later. 
Once you ready to put all the items back to your desk keep in mind to have as less stuff as possible, especially on the top of your desk. Empty desk will give you more room to “breath”.  Leave on your desk your screen, keyboard, mouse and a notepad for only urgent writings. Have one or two pens by your side, believe me you won’t be needing more. All the other items can be safely stored in the drawers. You can reach them at any moment you would need them, but don’t forget to put them back as soon as you’re done working.
Try to keep your desk as clean as possible and you will soon see how that reflects on your habits and your personality.
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