Professional organizing

Is it hard sometimes to recognize clutter? Nowadays people spend most of their time at home, where clutter becomes part of the landscape. We don’t recognize piles and groupings of stuff because it’s become the part of our life, we ignore it most of the time. Often remember about it only for a short period of time when guests coming to visit us.
Here are some of my recommendations. If you can’t recognize clutter at your home invite a person who has never been at your home and ask for  his/her opinion. When the clutter is identified let’s start with the action, fist recognize things that haven’t been used in the last 6 months. If you have those things donate them to people who might use them. Second, buy the bins, boxes or buckets for keeping your stuff in. Thirds, select the things that will be uses in the next month or two and put them in front, those things will be actually used. The stuff that you don’t need in the next month or two can be moved to a closet. And last, try to enjoy your time while organizing and remember that you’re lucky to do this work because you are fortunate to have all these things.
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